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Another is a homemade nut butter brand. They are motivated by the love of nut butter and frustrations with peanut allergy. Another nut butter is made in a peanut-free environment. They are using only raw cashew and almonds as their main ingredients. The brand focuses on providing options to those who are allergic to peanut or simply taste a different nut butter.

This project starts with an empty canvas and spans from creating the brand name to making their online store and Social Media. The “Another” idea came up when we were brainstorming names and we thought that, since the pandemic lockdown, there had been numerous homemade and healthy product popping out. And this will be just another one of those quarantine brands that emerged during the lockdown. We are not wrong. So we played around with it, and since the brand's mission is an alternative product, it fits well with the concept. We decided to make Another a friendly and approachable brand and made the visual identity fluid and unpolished.

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