Inklie is a Cebu-based temporary tattoo brand, aiming to share the joy of tattoos in a most painless and commitment- free way. The brand wants to portray a wholesome attitude, in contrast with the common stereotype that tattoos are taboo. Part of its goal is to explore a broad demographic with various uses of temporary tattoos.



Keeping in mind the brand’s goal, we designed the identity based on the brand’s wholesome characteristics. We used a raw, uneven typeface for the logotype to reflect the brand’s purity and innocence. As for the color palette, we used black as a symbol of being bold and being in control. Knowing that you can put on or remove the tattoo anytime you want. The light green on the other hand, reflects freshness and quirkiness of being able to put on any design, anywhere and anytime depending on your mood.

Degree 9 Coffee

Degree 9 is a Cebu-based coffee shop, they are known for their long store hours as well as their own-roast beans. This project is in collaboration with Quickfire Creative and Paul Dejaresco. Our role is to redesign the old logo as well as create the visual identity and packaging.



The original concept was to establish a visual story of the 9 degrees of coffee bean roasting. But we find it too complicated so we came up with a more cleaner, modern and symmetrical design. The degree sign is taken out from the middle of nine and scaled proportionally to create a sense of balance and symmetry. The number nine’s angle is measured symmetrically as well, to symbolise the brand’s focus to grow. The key visual pattern are diagonal tilted at a nine degree angle.

Etta's Eclectic Food + Drinks

Ettas Ecclectic Food + Drink, is a restaurant under the Creative Cuisine Gourmet Group. The one responsible for one of the best tasting catering service, Filipino restaurant, Chinese restaurant, Contemporary restaurant, and Big Daddy Food Truck.



The logo was designed with a modern and classy Serif typeface since the targeted market are young working professionals. Who love to go out, eat delicious food and have drinks with friends after work. The colors used are black and brown to match the interior of the restaurant which uses metal, wood and textured walls with mood lighting.