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A new brand identity for Cebu's iconic record label transposing into a global phenomenon

22 Tango Records is an independent, multi-faceted record label based in Cebu City, Philippines. The company aims to elevate local music by building an inclusive community consisting of many musical styles and genres. This is made possible by their ensemble of experienced, committed, and passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds in management, marketing, and technical production.

Built from the ground up, 22T continuously creates and evolves to deliver the best musical experience to a wide range of audiences and fans with a shared love for music.

22 Tango Records is amplifying from being just a record label to becoming a music company competing in the global landscape. This project represents the latest note in the company’s evolution. Currently, they have Room Eleven recording and music studio, music events production, record label, and artist management, which are all independent brands. White Brick worked closely with the company’s leadership, including CEO Cattski Espina and their in-house creative team in developing the brand.

Cattski wants to detach the brand from its previous doodly informal logo and evolve towards a more professional look. She also wants to explore the harmony of being playful and professional.

The team was tasked to create a new brand identity that pitches the idea of music evoking gesture and movement. The identity should represent an expressive, conceptual, and explorative music direction.

The first phase of the project involved brand strategy and the renaming of the company. Originally founded in 2010, the label was known as 22 Tango Records. Through a decade of development in their services and gearing towards a global landscape, 22 Tango Records transposed into 22 Tango Music Group, indicating the wide array of new services they provide.

The challenge for the designers was to create a timeless and contemporary brand identity that would pay tribute to this remarkable legacy, keep 22TMG relevant to global songwriters, and carry it into the future.

The logo incorporates a “22” icon which is a modified musical note. The familiarity of the icon gives the audience an idea of what the brand is all about. The icon is paired with a modern typeface that best captures the dynamic and magnetic language of the brand.

This simple and straightforward approach extends to the brand’s identity. The simplified shapes are inspired by musical contexts to evoke a fun and dynamic approach.

The team also collaborated on brand strategy and messaging, helping the label create a new leitmotif - Music That Moves. This is a wordplay on the namesake Tango and the company's mission to create original music that inspires people and organizes events that engage the community.

Giann Alipar
Gab Villacarlos
Michelle Abalos
Roxanne dela Peña
Carla Marie Adlawan
Jude Crisostomo

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