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Brand identity for a fun fitness brand that provides all the good stuff - the equipment, the virtual boogie and the mood boost to fit any schedule, body and mindset.

Blissfit is a fitness brand that aims to shake up boring exercise routines. As a brand, Blissfit wants to build a tribe of strong, self-loving, confident, awesome, supportive, like-minded human beings. They want to create a community where people are ready to feel blissful and delighted, be free to move their mind and bodies and become part of something bigger.

Blissfit needed to address their current brand identity that did not reflect their vision, mission, and values well. As a brand that wanted to encourage people to shake up the boring exercise routine, they needed something that showed fun and dynamic movement without looking too playful and childish.

White Brick’s task was to create a new brand identity that encapsulated their mission of making workout and fitness something enjoyable and uplifting for the soul. It needed to reflect their values across all platforms: from social media to product development.

The process of creating the brand identity started from research. Based on the provided brief and brand strategy of the client, we were able to identify the image and tone of the brand, which was then used to create the mood board for the brand.

Once the mood board was created, the team explored the possibilities of incorporating movement to the logo, may it be in a logotype or as an icon.

The logo reflects a fitness journey – it involves the body, movements, energy, play, and it comes in all shapes and sizes.
The colors show enthusiasm and femininity. The pastel colors are friendly and accommodating, keeping you at ease with your body while engaging with a community of like-minded people..
The icon is a dynamic b that suggests fitness can involve movements of the body.

Shari Llamis
Gabriel Villacarlos
Stephanie Tudtud
Giann Alipar
Alexa Crisostomo

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