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Sunstar Yearbook is an annual publication that contains all the significant highlights and milestones in Cebu in the past year.

The team was tasked once again with the total art direction and design for Sunstar Yearbook 2020. In line with their theme "Build, Build, Build". we created the section titles from scratch using common materials to form 3D typography. For this year's book cover, we used an old computer motherboard and painted it white to look like a modern cityscape.

Every year, Sunstar, one of Cebu’s most reputable newspaper companies publishes the much-awaited Cebu Yearbook. The publication features the most memorable events and changes that happened during the past year in business, culture, tourism and everything in between. The Yearbook was created to give the reader a glimpse of how the city has grown and what it can offer.

Last year’s concept was spatial typography. It was extremely challenging but we were able to pull it off together. So we thought, how can we surpass it this year?

For 2020, the Yearbook’s theme was in line with the current President’s plan to improve the country’s infrastructures. So we built the section titles inspired from this theme and created artworks that were 3-Dimensional while still keeping in mind that all sections needed to match the highlight of the articles in each section.

To represent the massive growth of Cebu City, we wanted the cover to represent a modern city with buildings and other structures. We experimented with different concepts before finally choosing an old desktop computer motherboard, painting it completely white so that it would resemble an ultra-modern and sleek cityscape.

Business: This section’s main article was about the hospitality industry and it’s toiletries. So we came up with a concept of forming the section title using carved soaps. Finding soap in different sizes and colors was a challenge, so we created our own faux soaps using candle wax and food coloring.

Cover Story: The main article of this section was about water works. So we used real metal pipes to form the section title.

Cebu Visitor’s Guide: To represent the different theme park developments that were featured in the section’s main article, we created a theme park made from paper.

Fashion: The main article for this section was about Trashion. So we created the section title using an elementary school trick, paper mache, which we photographed on a mini runway.

Index: We have always been so fascinated with paper. So we repurposed an old book and created the section title using a paper folding technique.

Information Technology: This section was of course all about the tech industry. We created the section title using copper wire and an old motherboard, which we painted with matte white.

Life and Culture: This section wanted to highlight the world of social media influencers. We used clay to create the section title and added little clay emojis.

People: The people featured for this section were business owners and were each represented by an element connected with their type of business such as electricity, water, power.

Real Estate: The highlight for this section was about green architecture. So we created the section title usine concrete letters and fake moss, which we then photographed on a solar panel.

The Year That Was: Every year, this section contains news that defined the year. So we used old newspapers to create the section title.

Jude Crisostomo
Alexa Crisostomo
Stephanie Tudtud
Angelica Tudtud
Michelle Abalos
Honey Cabahug
Giann Alipar
Jeremiah Ablaza
Gabriel Villacarlos
Shari Llamis
Roxanne dela Peña

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