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Chika-an is a restaurant featuring Cebuano cuisine, where people dine in the ambiance of an old Filipino home. For more than 30 years, serving home-cooked Filipino dishes has been their long-standing tradition for over 30 years. Chika-an's menu is a collection of favorite traditional home-cooked dishes from different provinces of Cebu. With our recipes, each meal shared feels like coming home every time.

To celebrate Chika-an's all-tme favorite Filipino dishes, we gave the brand a very dynamic and vibrant treatment using bold colors and themes in the art direction, food photography and styling. The photos were used in the menu and other marketing materials and collaterals.

For Chika-an's social media content, the studio produced a series of videos that showcased what it means to be "Truly Filipino". The video series featured the Pinoys' love for puns in the Chika-an Pun Wars, where we challenged some friends to a food trip where they share their best jokes and funniest lines without laughing. It's more PUN in the Philippines with Chika-an.

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