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Pacific Paint (Boysen) Philippines, Inc., is the No. 1 architectural paint manufacturer and supplier of house and industrial paints and other paint products in the Philippines.

Every year, Boysen releases 4 color palattes comprising of 6 new colors each that represents a theme reflective of current trends.

To present Boysen's Color Trends 2018, the studio decided to create two separate videos that pushed the limits of the team's skills and creativity.

The first video was a stop motion animation using paper crafts. It was an unusual but fun and unique way of presenting the colors using paper instead of actual paint. The team created mini-sets or rooms with a distinct personality and character that reflected each color palette. The whole video was shot in stop motion.

In the second Color Trend video dubbed "Set in Color", we wanted to showcase the 4 color palettes using life-size sets located in 4 different, significant high-traffic places in Cebu - Magellan's Cross, IT Park, Ayala Center Cebu and Plaza Independencia. Each location featured 2 sets painted in the colors of a particular palette and decked out with furniture and decor to create a full-sized room where people can play around with, interact, pose and take photos. We then shot a hyperlapse video of the sets from day to night. The studio collaborated with Arch. Kaloy Uypuanco for the set design.

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