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Pacific Paint (Boysen) Philippines, Inc., is the No. 1 architectural paint manufacturer and supplier of house and industrial paints and other paint products in the Philippines.

Every year, Boysen releases 4 color palattes comprising of 6 new colors each that represents a theme reflective of current trends.

To present Boysen Color Trend 2019, the team wanted to showcase the different color palettes through an elaborate dance music video with costumes, choroeography, props and of course, sets. We drew inspiration from the Jacquemus Fall Winter Fashion Show, where the runway was set against a backdrop of building facades.

The idea was to match each color palette to a particular genre of music and architectural style and create a seamless mashup video. We used practical transitions to move from one palette to another. This was a very exciting project that we pulled off through various collaborations - Kaloy Uypuanco for the set, 22 Tango Music Group for the music, USC SAFAD's Popjazz group Virtouso for the choreography, and Hyve Creative with the camerawork.

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