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SM Seaside City Cebu launched two of their biggest campaigns for the year - AweSM and #ILYSM. January is a massive celebration in Cebu with the annual Sinulog Festival. The AweSM Campaign was a week-long event that highlighted all the best that Cebu had to offer including a 4-day lechon festival, art and fashion exhibits and live musical performances by local artists. For Valentine's and Love month, SM Seaside City launched their #ILYSM campaign, which stands for "I Love You SM" and a play on the phrase "I Love You So Much". The campaign featured fun activitations and promotions to discover and spread love at SM Seaside.

With SM Seaside City Cebu's extremely tight schedule due to the nature of both campaigns which had less than a month lead time, the studio had to step up to the challenge of developing the fastest Key Visual ever. The schedule did not allow for a photo shoot or to create and do crafts. Instead, the team illustrated all the elements that fit the theme of event. For AweSM, all graphic illlustrations represented best of Cebu. In the case of #ILYSM, the concept featured popular Valentine's gifts popping out of a box of surprises.

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